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Pee.js Logo, it says meow uwu pee.js ovo nya

Piss away your memories…

What is it?

Pee.js is a library for leaking a set amount of memory, written in JavaScript.

Why does this exist?

I wanted to make a JavaScript library named pee.js because of a typo and a pun.


This is a hybrid package (commonjs and ecmascript module) that is available on the node package manager registry

# To install the package in your project
npm install --save pee.js

Ecmascript (pee.js)

import { leak } from 'pee.js';
leak(69); // Leaks 69 MB of memory

See test/pee.test.js for a more in-depth example

Commonjs (pee.cjs)

const { leak } = require('pee.js');
leak(420); // Leaks 420 MB of memory

See test/pee.test.cjs for a more in-depth example


Test suites are available for both the commonjs (using node env) and ecmascript (using jsdom env) version.

# To run both tests
npm run test

# To run commonjs tests
npm run test:cjs

# To run ecmascript tests
npm run test:mjs

Why should I care?

You should not. Thank you for your time.

Feature Requests, Bug Reports, and Pull Requests are very welcome